Our Photo Booth

Our Photo Booth looks great at every event with it's classy and fun skin that blends in nicely to every surrounding. Plus the larger oval shape allow's for larger group photo's to create those extra special memories!




Our Luxury Post Box

Our Luxury Post Box is both stunning and practical that guarantees to add that extra bit of grandness to any reception. Plus it's lock and key system ensures that your valuable envelopes stay safe and in your possession only!




Our Large LOVE Letters

Our Large LOVE Letters are a must for every event looking to add that extra touch of class. Standing proud and tall at over 4 foot they are guaranteed to transform any venue. Plus as they are mains powered they will stay lit for as long as you need!




Our Large Candy Cart

Our Large Candy Cart is a must have luxury at every event that is guaranteed to add some sweet, glamorous fun for everyone. It comes with all the jars required for you to provide your own sweets or we can provide them for just £30!



Our Parties

Our professional and stunning DJ set up is guaranteed to bring the party atmosphere to every occassion and our 20 years of experience guarantees a night to remember. Plus you can create your own Spotifty playlist for free!


Secure Your Date Today With Only A £50 Deposit!

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COVID-19 Special Offer



*** New Deal For Covid-19 Restricted Weddings ***

We're sorry if your wedding plans have been affected but we are still here to ensure that your wedding is memorable and magical.


For just £100 we will light up your Wedding with our LARGE LOVE LETTERS, add a touch of elegance with our LUXURY WEDDING POST BOX and provide that personal touch to your venue with our iconic CANDY CART (no sweets or jars due to COVID-19) but decorated with our expertise and your cherished pictures or items.

Also.... contact us about your music arrangements. We will work with you and your venue to do everything possible for your big day.